Lonavala is a hill station in western India near Mumbai , which is a Sunday drive for people living in Mumbai and Pune . It is the only hill station in Maharashtra.We started our journey from Hyderabad to Lonavala ,by the time we reached Lonavala station it was 8 in the morning . We then took a cab and reached the hotel .The train journey from Hyderabad to Lonavala was a bit depressing . We then booked a cab that was to show a set of tourist spots like Lions point , Tigers point ,Lonavala dam . Lions point is the peak of Lonavala and tigers point is adjacent to lions point . The view from lions and tigers point is the same but height from sea level varies . Then we arrived at Lonavala dam which looked like a small water body in a desert and turns out be a breeding den for small fishes. As we didn’t find anything scenic at Lonavala dam we took the adventure route to climb a mini mountain which is in a close proximity to Lonavala dam. Then we drove back to our hotel. The next day we packed our bags with some boxes of the famous Lonavala chikki available in the streets of Lonavala. This ends our trip to Lonavala.

My trip to Lonavala was a bit depressing as we travelled there in the summer season . During the summertime in Lonavala days are sunny and nights are also not that cool when compared with other hill stations. But rains are common in all seasons. Due to lack of time we didn’t spend much time in the Lohgad fort, Bhaja caves . If any one are planning a trip to Lonavala don’t miss to add this fort in your lineup made from the tourists spots of Lonavala. I would like to suggest that Lonavala is a place who’s beauty can be extracted to its best during winter times. In winter season Lonavala will be flourishing with greenery and large water bodies.


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