Out to Lavasa

Travelling through the roads surrounded by forest situated on the hills of Western Ghats came a city named Lavasa happens to be the imitation of a city in Italy. This city is laid in the centre of two mountains divided by a river and connected by a bridge. The beauty of this place cannot be compared with other places as this place is a combination of greenery and beauty of classic Italian streets and buildings. There are no tourist places in or near Lavasa because Lavasa itself is a tourist spot. Many people like us think that there are some tourist places in or near Lavasa and get downhearted after going. Lavasa is best for people who have a desire or interest to visit and experience a walk in the streets of Italy. In Lavasa, there are water sports like Jetskiing, kayaking, water volleyball and boating only during the winter season. Food wise you can get all kinds, but I would suggest Italian food. Alcohol is available in Lavasa but at a higher price. As you approach Lavasa there is a tollgate where you are charged Rs 500 per car. Here you find paid cycles and cost per cycle is Rs 150 per hour. For stay, there are hotels like Waterfront Shaw and 1bhk to 3bhk apartments and villas available at an affordable price. Stay isn’t that costly. Lavasa is a place worth visiting only in winter season.

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